Ep. 24: Like That Time I Made a Movie About Camp (w/Micah Barber & Tony Faia)


Micah Barber and the stars of his movie “Into the Who Knows”, Bryce Gheisar and Felix

Austin-based filmmakers Micah Barber and Tony Faia didn’t go to camp together, but they did make a movie about a young boy who escapes from his lonely summer camp in the magical “Into the Who Knows”.

In our conversation with them, we hear stories from Micah’s days at band camp (where he played the french horn) and from Tony’s days at boy scout camp (where everyone showered with their swim trunks on). We reminisce about the magic of camp nights, lament the lack of romantic opportunities for 11-year olds, argue about what it means to be on the “top tier” at camp, and discover (through Wikipedia!) the adventures of snipe-hunting.  Plus, we hear a story about a raccoon that doesn’t end quite the way we think it will.

Take a listen!

Episode links:
Into the Who Knows
Snipe hunt
Addams Family Values camp scene

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