Ep. 54: Like The Time We Went To Our 60th Camp Reunion


Michelle Weltman, wondering what someone will write just kidding about in her camp songbook.

We’re back! After a summer hiatus that was much like a summer camp experience in its own right, the podcast returns with a very personal trip down memory lane.

Michelle Weltman joins to break down all the fun and nostalgia from GUCI’s 60th Anniversary Reunion weekend in Zionsville, Indiana, where we spent many glorious summers in the late 1980s-early 90s.

We discuss how easy it is to get back into the camp mindset, how all the wonderful memories come rushing back, plus share a shocking tale of first kisses, and all the hilarious things we wrote in people’s songbooks and other memorabilia at the end of every summer. And more!

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode Links
Open Harts: A Tale of Our Summer Travels



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