Episode #10: Troubled Times with Macy Hart


Didn’t much feel like recording a normal episode this week with everything going on. Instead we talked to Macy Hart (camp director, raiser of most of the Jewish South, and also my father) about dealing with trauma and looking for positives during these difficult days.

We’ll try to get back to more normal episodes in the coming weeks, but just don’t have it in us to reminisce right now.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #10: Troubled Times with Macy Hart

  1. MIcah & Judy,
    I want to thank you for putting out the election episode. When I realized what you were going to do, I almost turned it off. I’m glad I didn’t. Yesterday was giant festival of hate running around Facebook and it became hard to look at. And even though I was looking, I didn’t see one positive election post throughout the entire day. It was a lot of boasting and complaining. Early this morning I saw where two friends had posted something that didn’t spew hate and tried to have a positive outlook on the future. Your podcast did the same and was refreshing to listen to. Macy’s insight was so positive looking forward. I see why he was such a good camp director. So many of us want to look to the past, and what went wrong, instead of trying to make a difference and be a decent human being. So again, thank you for sharing. Its nice to know some of us can be good people.
    While I think you accomplished what you set out to do with this episode, I have to say that I am disappointed about somethings. I was curious if your dad is a top or bottom bunk guy, what is his favorite camp curse word, and the one I’m sure Micah’s dying to know, when was Dad’s first camp kiss?
    I’ve been around since the beginning and have been enjoying your podcast. Keep it up.

    Tom Walton


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