Ep #18: Like The Time We Talked To That Camp Guy We Met On Instagram


Aaron Greene (bottom row, far left), before he became a fearless ropes course instructor.

If you look up “camp counselor” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of Aaron Greene, Ropes Course Director at Camp Walt Whitman in Piermont, New Hampshire. We didn’t, but we did find him via Instagram thanks to his penchant for reposting #campconfession memes.

We talk to him about our most impactful counselors, whether acapella is cool or not, and how doing pushups in the right circumstances can totally be considered a “talent”. We also dig deep about the feels Aaron gets when he sees kids face their fears on the pamper pole and how the ropes course really is “the great equalizer”. 

Take a listen!

Episode links:
Pennsylvania 6-5000
Camp Walt Whitman

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