Episode 17: …Like the Time I Married that Guy From Camp

Have you ever fallen in love at camp? Did you ever wish you were one half of a cool camp couple? On this very special Valentine’s Day episode of Campfires and Color Wars, we talk to two camp couples who lasted past the dog days of summer, tied the knot, and have little campers-to-be of their own.

Mara Getz Sheftel doesn’t remember the first moment she met Josh Weinberg — and she certainly didn’t have as big of a crush on him as some of her friends– but their time leading an Israel trip (through Europe!) and at camp in Wisconsin planning “Israel Day” were what made her think that maybe, just maybe, they were something more than friends.  You’ll hear about their camp wedding, what it’s like when you bring your non-camp friends into the relationship, and how Mara’s emotional state once almost ruined a family vacation.  

Speaking of tears, what Micah remembers most about Jesse and Randi Karotkin, our second camp couple, is that they kept the bus back to New Orleans waiting and waiting because they just couldn’t say goodbye to each other on that last day of camp.  From them, we’ll hear about “sneaking peeks” inside the girls’ tents, “taking breaks” during college, and surviving time in foreign countries while keeping one another in the (metaphorical) freezer.  

What did we learn about love? Love is patient. Camp love is extra patient.  These couples confirm what we already suspected about most camp relationships– there is a sense of knowing, an understanding about the past, and a powerful connection about a shared experience that forges a strong bond between anyone who spends a summer together.  And if you’re lucky, you get to keep that shared experience going your whole life.

Take a listen!

Episode links:
EIE High School in Israel
Rothberg International School

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