Episode 16:…Like The Time I Was Camp Director at a Girls’ Empowerment Camp


Courtney Antonioli, left, didn’t always have to play bad cop.

On this episode of Campfires and Color Wars, we chat with Brooklyn-based storyteller Courtney Antonioli about her summer as Director of an all-girls arts & empowerment summer camp. She shares stories about a frozen t-shirt contest gone terribly wrong, her girls’ crush on a geriatric campus security guard, and how making “adult choices” sometimes means choosing to eat ice cream for breakfast.

We also ponder the question, “Can you be too old for camp?”, wonder how some girls “bleed cute”, and try to figure out just how many pads and tampons a pre-teen girl needs to bring for the summer.

You can check out Courtney’s show, “18 Days. 48 Girls.” at NYC’s Frigid Fest starting this month. Check courtneyantonioli.com for tickets and info.


Episode links:
Courtney Antonioli
Camp Nowhere
Frigid Festival
Frozen T-Shirt Icebreaker

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