Episode #14: Camp Nudity with Unorthodox’s Mark Oppenheimer


Mark Oppenheimer, second from left, not wearing jams.

It is often said that people find their true selves at summer camp, and one big reason for that could be the copious amount of nudity that takes place. You may come in timid, but after a while there becomes a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality that makes you much more comfortable in your own skin.

Or you could be journalist Mark Oppenheimer, host of Tablet Magazine’s outstanding podcast Unorthodox (named one of 2016’s 50 best podcasts by The Guardian), who joins this week’s episode to discuss his experiences at a nudist-leaning Quaker summer camp — which may not even be the strangest camp he attended!

You won’t want to miss this discussion of communal showers, awkwardness, bubble gum and a shameless plug for a Squatty Potty sponsorship!

Episode links:
Mark Oppenheimer
Unorthodox Podcast
Camp Timberlake
Camp Kinderland
My Summer At A Quaker Nudist Camp
Squatty Potty

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