Ep. #71: Like the Time I Learned to Love Indigo Girls at Camp

Rabbi Sari Laufer (right)

When you think about the music you listened to growing up at camp, if you’re a female the Indigo Girls probably feature pretty heavily in your rotation.

Why is that? What is it about the folk-rock duo from Atlanta that so ensnared so many girls to walk around camp singing Closer to Fine at all hours of every day*?

*Note – my memory could be shoddy but this is how I remember it

We talk to Rabbi Sari Laufer and Leah Tennen, two longtime Indigo Girl devotees, to learn more about their relationship to the music and camp, and see if we can peg why so many girls were so drawn to them and so many boys (namely me) were so repelled.

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen! And don’t forget to tune in Saturday night for another new episode of Jewish Geography Zoom Racing!

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Camp Wayne
Indigo Girls
Jewish Geography Zoom Racing

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