Episode 13: Camp Directors’ Kids with Leah Tennen and Mike Klotz


Leah Tennen (left) and Mike Klotz, sort of looking at the camera

Every camp has a camp director, and most of those directors have children. Frankly, it’d be a little weird if they didn’t. What’s it like to grow up in the white-hot spotlight of camping royalty? To feel the eyes of everyone around you watching your every move, making assumptions about your behavior, and most of all, asking you what is for dinner that night?

Dive in as Micah chats with Leah Tennen and Mike Klotz about the plusses and minuses of growing up as a staff brat in our latest episode. Check it out below!

Episode links:
Jacobs Camp
How a Winter Fire Burned Down Walls Between a Jewish Summer Camp and its Neighbors
Duke TIP Program

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