Ep. 20: Like the Time I Pulled That Prank at Camp


Sarah Marks (third from left), thinking about what kind of pranks to pull on her rival cabinmates.

If you’ve ever peed on a plastic wrap toilet, found crickets in your sleeping bag, or raided a camp kitchen, you’ll appreciate this week’s April Fool’s episode about pranks and the campers & counselors who pull them. We talk to Camp Sierra Vista lifer, Sarah Marks, and her radio-producer, bird-call expert husband (and literal Boy Scout), Michael Marks, about escalating prank wars, shower shenanigans, dining hall antics, and the general mayhem created when the summer camp season starts. The conversation was so much fun we’ll be bringing it to you in two parts…look for Part 2 on April 1st (no joke!).

You’ll also hear a brief history of pranks at Sara’s camp, including a dramatic reading of a soon-to-famous poem entitled “I Know Nothing”, which was written by a guy who Sara is pretty sure knows quite a lot.

Episode links:
Sierra Vista Camp
Episode 9: Like the Time I Went to Scout Camp
Episode 21: Like that Other Time I Pulled That Prank at Camp (Part II)
Texas Standard

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