Ep. 21: Like the Time I Pulled That Other Prank at Camp


Michael Marks (right), fortunately with no snakes hanging off his arm.

This episode is the second part of our interview with Michael and Sarah Marks, two great storytellers who had us cringing in disbelief at some of the stories they shared about both the pranks they pulled and the pranks that were pulled on them. Turns out, Sarah LOVED having her underwear run up the flagpole… and she almost convinces Sara that pranks are a sign of affection.

You’ll also hear about Sarah’s first camp kiss (it’s the absolute best) and how having your dad at camp can definitely ruin your last-night-of-camp mojo. Michael tells an amazing story about flirting while holding a snake and he confirms that boys are really just mostly gross when there are no girls around.  

Micah also shares prank stories from his camp memory, including a butt cheek situation, how no one dared prank his dad, and how he and his friends thought that wearing white sheets would definitely make a bunch of girls think he and his friends were ghosts. 

It’s part 2 of our pranks episode – enjoy!

Episode links:
Sierra Vista Camp
Episode 20: Like the Time I Pulled That Prank at Camp (Part I)
Texas Standard

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