Ep. 22: Like the Time I Bought a Camp (w/Joe Mendes)



Joe Mendes celebrating another summer of camp and the Cavs’ 2016 NBA title.

Some of us live for camp, dreaming and wishing that we could spend our entire life in the place we truly call “home.”  But would you actually ever *buy* one? Well, this week’s guest Joe Mendes did just that.  When Camp Roosevelt-Firebird came available to buy in 2015, Joe finally realized his decades-old dream of helping kids learn, grow, and develop in ways they did not think possible!

This year will be his second summer as owner/director and he tells us about the trials and tribulations of re-building a camp from the ground up. We talk about local hires, camp as a “business”, and how he wishes that his bunkmates told stories about him that had to do with something other than poop.  Micah and Sara also muse about whether or not they would want to own a camp and how to *really* observe Passover.

Episode links:
Camp Roosevelt-Firebird
Passover – You’re Doing It Wrong

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