Ep. 31: Like the Time Wet Hot American Summer Was Based On My Camp Experience (w/David Wain)


David Wain (center, left), wearing his favored Jimi Hendrix shirt (possibly for the undetermined-straight day).

Many things serve as inspirations for this podcast, but one of them is the delightful summer camp movie romp ‘Wet Hot American Summer’. So you can imagine our excitement to be joined by David Wain, cocreator and director of everything within the WHAS universe, including WHAS: Ten Years Later, recently released on Netflix.

David has great stories to share from his time at Camp Modin in Maine, including sharing some of the things that inspired characters and scenes from the movie and the series.

Take a listen!

Episode links:
David Wain
Wet Hot American Summer
WHAS: Ten Years Later
Service With A Smile

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