Ep. #35: Like The Time I Tried To Call My Parents Collect (w/Paul Shirley)

1989 Paul Shirley scout camp

Paul Shirley, smiling because he might get to go home soon.

Paul Shirley has led an adventure-filled life, traveling all over the world to play basketball and taking in a variety of cultures and experiences, all of which he’s written brilliantly about. But before all that, he was a child going to science and boy scout camps in small towns across Kansas, where he dealt with the kinds of things most shy kids face at camp: homesickness, uncertainty, and a weirdly-aggressive Canadian version of ultimate frisbee (okay maybe they don’t face all those things).

Shirley, whose recently-published memoir “Stories I Tell On Dates” begins with a tale from his first trip to summer camp, joins our latest episode to share stories of longing for home, nearly getting hypothermia from a swim test, and much much more.

Don’t waste a minute, check it out!

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Paul Shirley
Stories I Tell On Dates
Paul Shirley’s Road Ramblings Suns Blog
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