Ep. #36: Like the Time We Sang All Day Every Day (w/Lisa Loeb)

004_4_3 (002)

Lisa Loeb (left) at Camp Champions in Marble Falls, TX

Lisa Loeb is not just an iconic singer-songwriter and performer, she’s also a huge fan of summer camps, so much so that she raises money to send kids to camp every summer through her Camp Lisa Foundation.

She joins us to share her memories of her childhood at camp, which she spent mostly (what else) singing – in her cabin, on the way to activities, in the dining hall, you name it.

We talk about the infectiousness of singing at camp and share some of our favorite weird camp songs, and much much more.

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
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Camp Lisa
Sleep Tracker
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
The Sixth Point
Eddie Kucha Kacha Kama
Camp Champions
Camp Barney Medintz

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