Ep. #37: Like the Time We Gave Thanks For Camp


Jare Akchin, left, wearing an egg strapped to her head because camp.

Jare Akchin and Daniel Kaufman are thankful for the years they spent at Camp Newman in California, even as the camp lays in ruins after being devastated in the California wildfires of the past few months.

Fortunately, the specialness of camp resides more in an emotional space than physical, and Camp Newman is already preparing to host camp at a different location next summer while the original campgrounds are rebuilt.

Given that it’s Thanksgiving, we share several of the things we are thankful for from camp. My extended list looks like this:

Camp 1992 (1)

Daniel Kaufman, age 11, actual size

– Ping pong and tetherball
– Power naps
– Friends all over the world
– Creativity and brainstorming
– Feeling safe enough to perform in front of people no matter how little talent you have
– Learning how to do laundry
– Pantsing
– Skin cancer Badass tans
– Midnight basketball
– Technology-free entertainment

Join us as we share stories of first kisses gone awry, the glory of It’s-its, and Micah tells an embarrassing tale of an unrequited display of affection.

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
Support #NewmanStrong
Third Plateau
Learn to Juggle
It’s-It Ice Cream

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