Ep. 40: Like the Time I Told A Girl I Was Dying To Go Out With Her (w/Dan Nichols and Flip Frisch)

Few things inspire more specific memories of camp than singing. It’s a staple of almost every day, morning noon and night, sometimes at specified times and sometimes spontaneously and for no reason.

Dan Nichols (above, far left) and Flip Frisch (above, far right), are two long-time song leaders who know a thing or two about the role of music at camp and how powerful and fun it can be.

Listen as they share the secrets to a great song session, remember some of the silly songs we used to sing, and tell hilarious stories of their own upbringing at camp as well.

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
Flip Frisch – Spring of My Content
Hava Nashira


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