Ep. #64: Like the Time I Fought the Law For a Camp Prank


Carine Warsawksi (middle, yellow headband) got to be Color War captain despite nearly putting her unit head into cardiac arrest.

One of the main reasons we started this podcast was because camp was no longer a current part of our lives and we wanted a way to reconnect to the warmth, comfort, and hilarity of our past.

This week’s guest Carine Warsawski saw an opportunity to fill that camp-sized void and founded Trybal Gatherings, a four-day long adult summer camp getaway designed to keep people connected to the spirit of camp (or introduce people to it in the first place) well into adulthood. Just a warning – if you listen to this episode, you will experience major FOMO.

We talk about a lot of other camp things as well, including first-base consent, our shared love of overindulging a joke, and Carine’s audacious story of a prank she pulled off at Eisner with the help of local law enforcement.

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
Trybal Gatherings
Eisner Camp

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