Ep. #84: Like The Time We Lost Color War Because I Was Hopped Up On No Doz

Rogue Shul creators Caroline Dorn and Ellie Klein Goldman amassed a huge following on Twitter over the past few years with their satirical, incisive look at the lives of Jewish professionals and their trials and tribulations. Naturally, they honed some of that creativity and wit at summer camp, which they’ve since put into great use with their consultancy Real Time Strategy Group.

In our latest episode we chat with them about their time growing up at camp, including a discussion about the art of doling out creative punishment to misbehaving campers, what happens with the theater director goes a bit off the rails, and an incredible story about rescuing a trophy that could only happen at camp. Plus so much more!

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
Rogue Shul
365 Things To Remind You Of Camp – ON SALE NOW
Real Time Strategy Group
Camp Tel Noar

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