Ep. #73: Like the Time We Directed A Documentary About Summer Camp Called Crip Camp

Jim LeBrecht, enjoying life at Camp Jened in the 1970s

Jim LeBrecht was having lunch with documentary filmmaker Nicole Newnham one day and happened to mention the summer camp he went to, Camp Jened, in the early 1970s. He thought it was a story worth telling, and Nicole agreed.

The result of their work is the incredible Netflix documentary Crip Camp, which documents not only the world of Camp Jened, a summer camp for children with disabilities, but also the remarkable rise of the civil rights movement for disabled rights, many of the leaders of which met each other at Jened.

It’s an incredibly inspiring story, one with deep parallels to the struggles going on in our streets today, and we were so fortunate to get to talk to Jim and Nicole about their movie as well as about Jim’s time as a camper!

Don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
Crip Camp
Camp Jened
Camp Dream Street
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