Ep. #78: Like the Time We Played the Game “Betcha Won’t Lick That”

Pamela Schuller (right) is thinking about what dirty joke to tell next

Comedian Pamela Schuller has made her mark on the camping world, traveling around the country performing and helping camps with their inclusivity efforts.

But before she did that she was a camper at GUCI in Zionsville, Indiana, where she spent her formative years as a camper, staff member, and faculty.

It should be no surprise that as a comedian she had some tremendous stories to share about getting “kidnapped” by her campers, a first kiss on movie night, and shares what has to be my new favorite camp game, “Betcha Won’t Lick That”.

Plus, I start the episode talking about our brand new Kickstarter campaign to create the 2022 desktop calendar, 365 Things To Remind You Of Camp. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a one-a-day calendar designed to take you to your happy place for at least a few minutes, every single day of the year!

This was a really fun episode, so don’t waste a minute, take a listen!

Episode links:
Pamela Schuller
365 Things To Remind You Of Camp

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