Want to sample Campfires and Color Wars? Here are 10 episodes to check out


Recently our podcast got a nice feature in JTA, one of the largest Jewish news publications in the world. This has led to an increase in exposure for the show, which is great (welcome!).

We realize people are busy, and though we recommend all 41 of our episodes so far, if you are looking to sample to get a sense of what we’re about, here are a few episodes we recommend trying out:

The Pilot (Episode 1)

A great way to get inoculated into the premise of the podcast and its origin story.

David Wain (Episode 31)

If you’re going to talk summer camp memories, there’s no one better than the man responsible (along with Michael Showalter) for bringing to life the most iconic representation of summer camp in cinema history, Wet Hot American Summer. Learn about how some of the events of the movie are actually taken from his real-life camp experiences!

Sam and Sara Richardson (Episode 39)

Though this podcast tends to have a lot of Jewish guests, it is not meant to be exclusive of other camp experiences. Sam and Sara are documentary film-makers who are traveling to Christian camps all around the United States, and it was great to hear the similarities and differences between our respective camp backgrounds.

Lindsay Fram (Episode 5 & Episode 28)

You can’t talk about camp, in our experience, without acknowledging it as a setting where many of us first explored sexuality. Lindsay is a professional sex educator, and both of her episodes feature hilarious and often enlightening discussions about sex, relationships, and more.

Stacy Davidowitz (Episode 25)

If color war was a big part of your camp experience, this episode is for you. I never knew color wars were longer than a day! My mind exploded in this episode.

Mandy Berman (Episode 34)

Mandy is an author whose debut novel is a coming-of-age story set at a summer camp, which is the perfect backdrop for a conversation about finding our true selves in the safety of the summer.

Mark Oppenheimer (Episode 14)

Nudity is a staple of most camp experiences, but Oppenheimer, host of Unorthodox, takes it to the next level with his tales of going to a nudist camp as a child.

Seth Davis (Episode 32)

Seth is one of the biggest names in college basketball from his work during March Madness with CBS, and has an extensive background at summer camp – so much so that he wrote a memoir about his time there.

Michael and Sarah Marks (Episode 20 & Episode 21)

Who doesn’t love a good story about pulling pranks at camp? This one had so many fun stories we had to split it into two episodes.

Lisa Loeb (Episode 36)

The talented singer-songwriter and 90s icon is a huge camp advocate, raising lots of money to send children to camp. Not surprisingly, we talked a lot about singing.

What are your favorite episodes? And for that matter, what topics would you like to see us cover in a future show? Let us know in the comments!


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